Quickmill 0981 Rubino Mirror Shiny Stainless Steel


A Great heat exchanger e61 model from Quickmill.
We have been working with Quickmill from 1990 and are proud to be  their authorized UK sales and service dealers .
Technical features:
UK 240v wiring and plug ( not 220v grey import thinner wiring that can damage your machinery )
– Copper boiler 1.8L thermally insulated
– Automatic pump refilling with electronic level sensor
– Groupe type E61
– Steam wand in steel
– Water wand in steel
– Manometer boiler pressure control
– Magnetic sensor low water
– Vibration pump with pulsor
– Cup Warmer new design
– Capacity water tank Lt. 3
Dimensions WxDxH cm 26,5x45x37
240 volts 50Hz Power Consumption 1500 w
Uk wiring 240v
Included accessories: 2 filter holders for a cup and two cups, blind filter, cleaning brush head, plastic tamper
Warranty: two years

Dimensions W26,5 X D 45 X H 36,5 cm
Power 1500 W
Weight 20 Kg
Voltage 230V-5060HZ  /  120V-60HZ


Additional information

Weight 20000 g