Ascaso Boiler Dream/Basic/Uno/Duo/Trio GASKET -BOILER GROUP KIT (-10/2009)


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Ascaso Boiler Gasket Kit for  BOILER GROUP (-10/2009) models made on and before October ( 10 ) 2009

Kit Includes ~
I57 and 1mm rubber filter holder packing seal
4 x i358 screws
i50 boiler gasket
1 x i18 gasket
1 x i54 gasket
i13 silicone stopper  and i15 spring
2 x i91 o rings steam valve stem
4 x i17 o rings
coffee oil cleaner and descale sachets
Suitable for ~ boiler model with a 225 cc. boiler (with an external heater), thermoblock for steam, 57 mm. grouphead and no 3-way non-drip solenoid.
if you require shower and screw ( Kit 1 )
you will need to add before checkout these codes
i278 ( shower large size )
i304 ( longer shower screw )
if you require i55 shower or oil lube
you will need to add as these is not included
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